Sex Machines and Furniture More Popular Than Ever

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People nowadays are more secure admitting how vital a lively sex life. The reality is that sex will not be the main element of a romance — having said that, experiencing a dynamic sexual partnership is a major ingredient of virtually all strong and passionate associations. Satisfying sexual relationships may actually enhance beneficial bodily and psychological health and wellness. Increasingly […]

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Refuting Common Sex Myths

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So you believe you understand a couple of things regarding having sex. You may well be correct, but you might also be completely wrong. Check below to discover what generally accepted facts are due for a second look. Once you know these facts, work with it. Women are not as interested in sex as guys. Luckily for men, this isn’t […]

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The Growth of the Sex Machine Industry

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For any makers of things a person sticks his penis in, business is prosperous. The just revealed Autoblow — that pulses with artificial vagina and mouth sleeves — is on track to market seventy thousand units, at $175 a piece, in its first year. An additional fairly recently introduced automatic masturbating system, the $250 Humpus, sold three thousand devices last […]

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Why Men Love Their Sex Dolls

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Most of us have reflected about sex and love at some point in our lifetime. There are countless guys who don’t have issues meeting women and building relationships with them. Nevertheless, there are guys who may never become familiar with exactly what it is like to experience sex with a girl or step out on a night out with a […]

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